At Cutting Edge Innovative, we’re dedicated to providing home improvement, Miami style. 2019 was a great year for us, and we’re excited to continue our journey of creating unmatched, awe-inspiring homes in 2020. We truly believe that Miami is at the forefront of style, elegance, and luxury, and we’re so excited to help the people of Miami embody that energy and aesthetic. In an effort to help elevate the luxury of your Miami home, today we’re going to talk a bit about how you can take on home improvement Miami style in 2020. 

What Is Home Improvement Miami Style?

Before we talk about the different luxury home improvement projects you can take on in this new decade, let’s cover what it means for something to be truly Miami. If you live here, it’s no secret. And honestly, if you’re not from Miami, you probably have a pretty good idea of what Miami symbolizes and embodies. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to luxury, style, uniqueness, and culture. In Miami, we’re all about embracing this beautiful city in a way that shows our personality, makes us feel like the royalty we are, and is nothing like the world has ever seen. From the cars to the clothes to the architecture, Miami does it like no other. 

So how does this translate into home design? Pretty easily, actually! At Cutting Edge Innovative, we simply translate the Miami mindset into home design. Whether it’s new construction or remodeling work, we infuse luxury, style, and uniqueness into our designs, which results in homes that are visually stunning and unreasonably functional. 

Upgrade Your Existing Home

For a lot of us, our homes stay the same as our tastes mature and change. What’s more, innovations in home technology and design may have you feeling like your home is outdated, or that it doesn’t fit your aesthetic. When this is the case, you’re overdue for a house-wide remodel. And since your home is in Miami, why not take on a luxury home improvement project that’s truly Miami? 

No matter if you’re interested in remodeling your whole home, or if you’d like to remodel a single room, Cutting Edge Innovative is here to help. If you’re looking to undergo luxury home improvement Miami style, here are some things to consider.


Think about it, when reworking the layout and style of your home, you want to consider the functionality of the changes you’re going to implement. First, think of the things you dislike about your home — maybe the counters are too low, or maybe you need more counter space! Perhaps you’d like to add another half bathroom because your family has grown. Or, maybe you’re just tired of the inconvenient home layout. 

No matter what qualms you have with your current home, changing them when you remodel your Miami home is the true Miami way. After all, a Miami home should be easy to navigate, use, and enjoy. 


In addition to remodeling your home for easy, breezy functionality, make sure you’re remodeling your Miami home to be the epitome of luxurious living. Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to luxurious design for Miami, we think that a few features are essential. For one, white is the wave. White walls, white furniture, white features. It adds a crisp, clean, and bright element to the style of your house. will be impressed by the pristine, modern look, but white features also provide another benefit. They enhance the presence of natural light, making spaces an open, fresh, and natural environment, something anyone in Miami will love. What’s more, a white interior will highlight and enhance the beautiful blues of the ocean and Miami sky. 

Next, you want to ensure that your home sports natural light by installing floor-to-ceiling windows. For one, these will most definitely bring natural light into your home in an effortless, elegant manner. But beyond the benefits of natural light, massive windows serve another, must-have purpose — they provide you with personal, unbeatable views, especially in Miami. If you’re fortunate enough to have a home with a view of the beach, flaunt that with an incredible set of windows. Facing the Miami skyline? Same deal! Think about it, people pay big money just to get themselves into those places with luxurious, private views of the city and ocean. So take advantage during a remodel, and get yourself some incredible windows!

Finally, you want to include some level of open design in your luxury home improvement project. After all, luxury is a blend of elegance and effortlessness, and open spaces give the vibe of effortless access and function, even though they require thorough planning and execution. Personally, we love the open kitchen and living room layout that allows homeowners to entertain with ease, stay connected with their family as they cook, and even put on a sort of show as they make magic in the kitchen with guests eagerly waiting in the living room. 

Add A Unique Edition

For some people, their houses are just about there, but something is missing that would elevate their home to luxurious, Miami status. Chances are, these people are more than happy with their current layout and design, but are looking for the je ne sais quoi to tie everything together. 

In this case, a remodel doesn’t quite make sense, so what’s the solution? We recommend considering a new addition to your home that can elevate it to the pinnacle of luxury you’re looking for. From guesthouses to a brand new pool deck and pool house, the opportunities are endless. The key to creating a luxury addition to your home in Miami is to assess your home and decide what addition makes the most sense for your needs and vision. Then, once you have decided on the addition you’re going to create, team up with our experts at Cutting Edge Innovative in order to brainstorm and execute the addition in a way that a) compliments the current design and aesthetic of your home and b) elevates the luxury, function, and curb appeal of your home. 

Cutting Edge Innovative

The concept of luxury is relatively easy to envision, but it’s rather tough to execute. Fortunately, at Cutting Edge Innovative, we’ve devoted our careers to being the authority in luxury design for Miami. We have over a decade of experience contracting, subcontracting, and providing the people of Miami with architectural marvels. Our goal is to help Miami and the world rethink home design by creating innovative, irresistible buildings. 

Hopefully this blog has given you some insight as to what you can do to complete your home improvement project Miami style. If you’re considering taking on a luxury home improvement project in 2020, be sure to contact Cutting Edge Innovative today. When you work with us, we instantly get to work creating a plan and system to ensure that your project gets completed on time, within budget, and without complications from subcontractors.