Your home is a reflection of who you are. Additionally, the area in which you live should also be reflected by the aura of your home.

That’s where we come in. With many years in the home improvement industry, and more than seven years of managing and planning luxury home improvement projects in Miami, we’re the best at what we do —hands down. 

We separate ourselves from the competition with our process, attention to detail, efficiency, and execution. When you choose us to be your luxury home improvement contractors, we’ll ensure that your build or renovation is within your budget, and properly planned by selecting the best work crews from our vetted selection of luxury residential contractors. 

You’ll have an expert project manager serving as your point of contact throughout the entirety of the project. They will visit the site daily, set up security cameras site-wite, and hold the construction crews responsible for their work to ensure your satisfaction and the best possible end result. 

Additionally, your project manager will work with you to create a design for your luxury home improvement project that is not only the epitome of luxury living, but is also a functional, effective design — no matter if it’s a luxury new construction project or renovation/remodel. 

After all, isn’t that the most effective method when it comes to luxury, something that takes your breath away visually, and blows your mind by how simple it is to use? We adore building a new space or remodeling an old one in a way that accentuates the owner’s personality and taste while also accommodating their needs.

Don’t worry, though, the project manager isn’t working alone! They have a diverse, dedicated team consisting of a supervisor, project coordinator, and accounting manager supporting them and combining their expertise to create extraordinary luxury home improvements. As they collaborate and execute your project, the project manager works as your streamlined point of communication — debriefing and involving you on all aspects of your luxury home build or renovation.

If you are considering a luxury home project in Miami, be it new construction, luxury home remodeling, or a luxury addition, trust the experts at Cutting Edge Innovative to make your dreams a reality. If you’d like to see project we’ve completed in the past, check out our portfolio. And if you’re interested in learning more or getting started, contact us today.