Welcome back to the Cutting Edge Innovative blog! Today, we’ll be looking into our business, and more so what the overarching service is that we offer — luxury home improvement. Our goal is to give our clients a gorgeous luxury home, condo, or addition that not only looks stunning, but is also a functional, effective building. Let’s look into what that means, and how it works!

What Is Luxury Home Improvement

South Florida is known for gorgeous, unique homes unlike the world has ever seen. Sometimes it’s otherworldly when you see these elegant, polished homes positioned against an ocean skyline. Well, in order for those houses to become a reality, they need an expert group of construction professionals to envision, plan, and execute these incredible structures.

That’s where we come in. Cutting Edge Innovative is a company full of people who are obsessed with building design and project management. Carlos Guerrero, the CEO and Owner of Cutting Edge Innovative, has had an ongoing passion for thinking outside of the box and making dreams come true for his entire life. After some trials and tribulations (learn Carlos’ story here), Carlos came back as strong as ever to create Cutting Edge Innovative. 

He used the new start to build an amazing company from scratch, hand picking expert members of his team and building a brand completely dedicated to luxury home improvement in South Florida. 

This means that he created a team of individuals who have an artistic eye for functional design, construction know how and experience, and expert project management skills. This results in a group of people who have the experience and design knowledge to make the luxury home of your dreams become a reality. Whether that means remodeling your current home or condo to fit your needs and desires, building a completely new building, or creating an addition for your current abode, we are capable to make your dreams come true! 

Essentially, luxury home improvement is an elevated version of home improvement. Where most home builds and remodels can be utilitarian, designed and built exclusively to accomplish a desired function, our luxury home improvement remodels or new builds focus on creating a functional space that fulfills the needs of the client while simultaneously creating an elaborate, luxurious, and gorgeous space that creates an alluring, irresistible atmosphere. 

Take some time to check out our gallery, it will help you get an idea of the luxury buildings we are capable of creating! While we want you to know what it is we do, we also think it’s important that you know what makes us the best at what we do!

How We Accomplish Luxury Home Improvement

At Cutting Edge Innovative, we have meticulously created a process that allows us to provide the best possible service for our clients and assures that the project will end with a building they love. First and foremost, any time we take on a new client, that client gets their own project manager. The project manager holds the reins of the project, and serves as the point of contact for the client. 

This means that they take care of selecting the perfect contractors for the project from our trusted pool, they visit the site daily, control surveillance, and ensure that the contractors are held accountable for the work they do. 

But more importantly, the project manager works with the client to plan and budget the project in a way that allows dreams to become a reality while staying within the client’s means. We know from experience that great luxury buildings come into existence when there is a synergy between the clients and project manager and proper project planning has been put in place. That’s why we make it a point to be in constant communication with all parties involved in a build or remodel. Interested in learning more? Check out some more information on our process!

Beyond that, we like to let our clients know what they can expect when they work with us. That way, they know our values, and they can hold us accountable in the rare event that we’re not performing to the standards we set. It all comes down to these values: customer service, integrity, attention to detail, organization, consistency, and teamwork. At the end of the day, we’re out to make you happy and to help your vision of a perfect home become a reality. We’re always trying our absolute hardest to bring a smile on your face and wow you with the end results of a project. If you’d like to learn more about what you can expect when you work with us, take a look at ‘What You Can Expect’.

Cutting Edge Innovative

We’re so proud to be Miami’s Top Rated Local® Home Development Company, with a 98 overall score! We’re confident that we’ve earned this amazing score because we spend so much time and effort working to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the process of working with us and the final results. 

We hope that this blog has helped give you some insight into what luxury home improvement is as well as what it means to us as a company! If you’re interested in learning more or enlisting our services, contact us today!