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An Intro To Home Remodeling In Miami

Living in Miami is amazing. The beaches, the food, the culture — it’s truly a special place. In fact, simply living in Miami is luxurious, exciting, and vibrant. In our eyes, it’s important that when you live in Miami, your home reflects the luxurious vibes of the city.

So that begs the question, what does it mean to have a luxury home? We believe that luxury is when elegance and functionality meet and synergize, creating a home that visually stuns those who look on it while impressing them with the ease and practicality of navigating and utilizing the home and its features. 

Now that we know what makes a home luxurious, let’s discuss some specific renovations you can easily implement when remodeling a home in Miami.

Open Floor Plans

 An open floor plan creates an open, modern space that allows for natural light to illuminate the environment. When executed correctly, an open space can be the epitome of luxury.  It doesn’t restrict the view or flow of your major rooms, providing an atmosphere that’s perfect for breathing freely and observing your surroundings. 

Now that we understand the visual appeal of an open space, let’s talk about the functionality. Open spaces are amazing because they make features in the space easily accessible to all those in the home. What’s more, the open design allows for interconnectivity between those sharing the space. If you’re kitchen, dining room, and living room share an open space, it’s easy to move between the two spaces, and this provides a few benefits.

For one, hosting is incredibly easy, as you have no obstacles between where you prepare food and where you serve food. What’s more, open spaces make it easy to stay connected with family or house guests no matter what each person is doing. You could be preparing a meal in the kitchen and easily carry on conversing with your friends in the living room. 

In summary, an open space makes for a home that’s luxurious, elegant, and accessible for all those inside it. Definitely consider creating an open space when remodeling homes in Miami. 

Natural Light, Natural Air

In conjunction with an open space, natural light and air make for a luxurious Miami home. Think about it — is there really anything better than basking in the Miami sunlight and breathing the open air? People vacation and move to Miami just to experience it, so why not make it a cornerstone of your home’s identity?

To do this, start with floor-to-ceiling windows, as they will allow for the maximum amounts of sunlight (not to mention they’ll provide you with stunning Miami views). Depending on the windows you choose when remodeling your Miami home, they can also allow for maximum airflow. You could even have some windows open up, granting access to a balcony or patio to maximize the connection with the outdoors. 

Additionally, natural light creates a relaxed yet luxurious effect, the beams of sunlight accentuating the beauty of your home’s design. 

Find Your Marble(s)

A major aspect of luxury Miami living is marble. Marble countertops, marble floors, marble accents — you name it, it will elevate the luxury of your home. There are many different styles of marble with different textures, accents, and color combinations, making it a material that’s easy to match to your personal taste. Additionally, there is real marble as well as marble-designed porcelain which can be a more frugal alternative.

A home with marble accents is sleek, clean in appearance, and, you guessed it, luxurious. 

White Out

Finally, while it may seem simple, using lots of white in your interior design can elevate the luxury of your Miami home when remodeling. For one, white accents create a cohesive, clean look that emits an air of sophistication and sleekness. 

Another direct benefit of white interior design is how it accentuates the views from your home. Picture this — an open designed living room with floor to ceiling windows. Out of the windows, you have a view of the beach and ocean.

With a white interior home design, the views of the ocean from the inside of your home will vibrantly pop, making for an incredible visual experience. Not only that, but white walls will work with natural light, creating a light, airy, relaxed atmosphere.

Cutting Edge Innovative

Whether you’re considering home renovation or remodeling in Miami, your options are truly unlimited. The tricky part is remodeling a Miami home in a way that cohesively pairs with the luxury of the city, while also accommodating the functionality you’re looking to achieve through a remodel or renovation.

If you’re considering remodeling your home in Miami, be sure to pair up with our luxury residential contractors at Cutting Edge Innovative. We have years of experience creating luxury homes in Miami, and absolutely love Miami home remodeling projects that allow us to provide clients with their dream homes while also creating homes that are a perfect match with the luxurious culture of Miami.

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