We’re more than your average home construction team. A deep understanding of the concerns that affect home buyers has empowered us to cover every base and give our clients envy-worthy home building experiences. Learn more about our luxury home improvement process and see how it sets us apart from the rest.

  • Your project gets a dedicated project manager who eats, sleeps, and breathes your project until it’s finished. This person acts as the single point of contact for everyone involved so communication flows effectively and there’s cohesion across the entire team.
  • The project manager receives direct support from a supervisor, a project coordinator, and an accounting manager.
  • Surveillance cameras are used in all of our jobs. The cameras are incredibly effective at preventing issues and ensuring that subcontractors work as carefully as possible.
  • Issues come up, we provide problem-solving options to you the same day. Proactivity is key for us!
  • Each day on the job is structured carefully for efficiency, organization, and cleanliness. Check out an example of the average day on a Cutting Edge Innovative job site.
    • The PM visits the job site in the morning and provides daily goals.
    • Every area is kept clean and organized before and after each shift. We fine subcontractors if they don’t comply.
    • Group chat allows decision makers to work through details like wall accessories and beyond.
    • The day wraps up with schedule updates and tweaks to make sure the next day will be a success.

As you can see, we’re extremely invested in keeping you an active participant in your new home build or luxury home improvement project. Contact us to get started!