At Cutting Edge Innovative, we take the planning and budgeting stage of any construction or remodeling project extremely seriously. It doesn’t matter if you’re constructing a new home or condo, if you’re remodeling your entire existing home or condo, or if you’re remodeling a couple rooms — we recognize that your vision and budget are essential to creating the perfect luxury abode that you’ve been dreaming about. 

You can be certain that when you work with us, we’re going to dig deep to figure out, understand, and then ultimately execute your needs and dreams. This is your construction project, and we’re here to make sure your vision is fulfilled while providing our luxury home improvement expertise to guide you. 


First and foremost, when you work with us you can expect frequent, detailed, and transparent communication. Again, we’re here to provide our luxury home improvement services to you, and we value making sure that throughout the entirety of your construction, remodeling, or renovation project, you’re satisfied, informed, and involved in every single step. 

We’re always quick to respond, we will always include you in every aspect of your construction or remodeling project, and we will always keep you informed of anything and everything that happens, as it happens. 

In terms of the actual process, when we’re working together on the planning and budgeting portion of your home improvement project, we will begin by assigning you a project manager who will a) be your easily accessible point of contact for the entirety of the project, and b) be accountable for, dedicated to, and fervently committed to executing the completion of your dream home build or remodel.

After your project manager is assigned, you will begin discussing your exact vision for your build or renovation, and the budget that you’re prepared to work with. At this point, we’re going to begin the design phase, where we work up a design for your luxury home/condo build or renovations. 

Additionally, we will begin the process of acquiring the necessary permits, selecting reliable subcontractors from our premium pool of partners, and scheduling the different stages of the construction or renovation project — keeping you involved and informed along the way. 

Although your primary point of contact will be your project manager, you’ll also have a project supervisor, a project coordinator, and a project accounting manager who will work closely with your project manager to ensure that everything is being done not just correctly, but also to the high standards that we have for our luxury home improvement projects. 

If you’re interested in any type of luxury home improvement on your Florida property, call Cutting Edge Innovative to get started today!