Cutting Edge are the best and if you’re thinking about renovating your home, stop reading this and call or email them now. They deliver quality product, they have a well-managed process, they are flexible with respect to how involved you as the customer may want to be, and they get projects completed on-budget and on-time. They listen to you at the beginning, middle and end of the process. They keep you updated on a regular basis. And, you’re not going to believe this…they get to meetings on-time, take the time needed to cover whatever questions or feedback you may have, and they seem to actually like what they do! A refreshing concept. Carlos and Lanny were the managers of my project, who were both extremely professional. And we even had a bunch of laughs throughout. I was renovating my house in order to make it a more pleasant place to live. So, why shouldn’t the process be a pleasant one? It can be. I found them here on Houzz, and will admit I was initially scared off by the high-end nature of the properties included in their marketing materials. I needed a gut renovation, but in a modest (while stylish) fashion. I wasn’t looking to be on the cover of “Modern Living”, and didn’t want to pay a mega-premium. I’m glad I didn’t pre-judge …I called, got a prompt estimate from Carlos broken down by the items I wanted done, asked my questions, got honest and straight-forward responses, and was in contract within a few days. And at a price well in the range of my expectations. For me, there was no doubt that the value they brought to the process and the final product was worth at least what I paid. Really, even if you’re in early stages of thinking about what you want to do, call Carlos.

Ken Gill