We have a reputation for pleasing our remodeling and building clients and giving them peace of mind, no matter how big or small their luxury home improvement project may be. This only happens because we’ve taken deliberate steps to perfect our approach to customer service, construction excellence, and project follow-through. When you choose Cutting Edge Innovative, you can expect the following world-class advantages:

Customer Service

It’s your property, your home, and your budget. Your needs and satisfaction come first. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our clients know what’s going on throughout their project, and that their vision, needs, and expectations are being met.


We don’t feel entitled to your trust; we want to earn it. We do so with honesty and adherence to strong moral principles. We keep our word, take responsibility for both the good and the bad, and treat everyone around us with respect.

Attention to Detail

We’re thorough and accurate, and we pour care into every luxury home improvement project we do.


We prevent setbacks and complications during home improvement projects by making sure everything is where it needs to be at the right time. We make sure our subcontractors do the same.


We’ve had years to build habits, and we’ve worked hard to make sure they’re good ones. We want you to benefit from our hard work and passion for excellence.


We want you to get the best workmanship of every subcontractor who steps onto your property. Thanks to our coordination efforts and respectful networking, we make sure you get results that you love and will stand the test of time.